Hair Piece Ponytail Extension Straight Light Curled Nature Looking Heat-Resisting Different Colors

LOVE this ponytail. I got compliments all week long on my vacation on how beautiful “my” hair is. This hair piece is long, full, and beautiful and the blonde is a very realistic color that matches mine well. I have a short a-line bob and with this baby and a headband I was able to put my hair up at the beach all week. Lasted in the sun and even through snorkeling in salt water.


I have to say that this is a really nice inexpensive hairpiece. It attaches with a large clamp hidden behind the cascade of hair. You simply grasp the the ponytail at the top and squeeze to open the clamp, set in place and let go. Once attached, it stays in place, quite secure. You don’t need extra pins.


That said the hardest part is matching. This works because it is like real hair and has a lot of different colors mixed together. My tip to get your best match is this- put your hair up as if you are going to attach the hairpiece. Then match to the hair you see at the back of your head. This is what your hairpiece needs to match to look real, not the hair at the top of your head!