Remy Human Hair Straight For Full Head 22inch 220g Weight

This is my second time buying these extensions and I do not regret it-I will leave a full review on how they are doing after a month of wear and tear.The first time I bought these I dyed them purple and cut them and they turned out great and just as silky.This time I bought them I just have to tone them because they are a bit yellow and my hair is close to white.I ordered 24″ 220 grams blonde-although they are a bit thin at the ends which is usually expected for long hair extensions the 4 clip big weft clip does the job and good enough for my shoulder length hair to not show through,This is my second favorite extensions on amazon and I’ve worn almost every kind and wear them every day.These extensions also look very natural too since they are thinner at the ends and mine have always come with a complimentary gift of a pair or box of eyelashes too.

Just an update I’ve had these for almost exactly 4 months,I sleep in them every night ,shower with them,swim in them even the ocean-I basically never take them out except to re-position them and when I bleach my roots they are still doing great!Granted they have thinned out a bit but that’s because I wear them like my real hair and do everything with them-I wash them once a week now with purple shampoo and regular conditioner I leave on for 5-10 minutes then ta-da just like new and people always think it’s my real hair and I just got a compliment last week about my hair,I mean I’ve had them for 4 months now and I don’t use any fancy high end products or do anything special,if anything I abuse them and they still look beautiful,the magic is in the product.