Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensionsdouble Weft Thick to Ends Dark Brown

The first thing I have to say about this set is that it’s really light, which is nice because extensions with clips can really make your head ache something fierce by the end of the day. These are fairly comfortable. When you open the hair, you’ll see that it’s really quite silky, and my real hair is not even close to that silky, so I was really hoping dying the hair extensions uk would rough it up a bit and it did.

I dyed this set just a slightly darker brown to completely match my natural hair, it took the dye really well. It did rough it up a bit which was a good thing because if your extensions are super silky and your real hair is not then all it’s going to do is draw attention to your extensions, so I was especially happy with the dye job. I then cut the extensions so they were the length of my natural hair, just under 2 inches off. The dye and the cut made for flawless extensions. They take heat tolerably well, they wont curl as well as some of my previous extensions, but they did straighten and I was happy with that. All in all, for the price these are amazing.

Comfortable although no extensions will be super comfortable, they are definitely more comfortable than other extensions I have bought in the past that were way more expensive, took dye well, and straightened well. I see other reviewers that say they replace them every 4-6 months which at this price is super reasonable! I will definitely buy these again.

Since I don’t add length, just fullness, I can buy another set as my hair grows, and for the price it’s not a big deal! I usually keep my extensions for so long that I keep cutting my hair to the length of the extensions but it’s nice to think I can let if grow and just buy new ones. I’m SO glad I took the risk and bought these. It’s an amazing value!