Double Weft Clip in Hair Extensions 100% Remy Human Hair

This is beautiful human hair! I was a bit concerned about some reviews that complained about problems with washing it or applying heat, but I haven’t had any such problems. To start with, your best result for washing them is to individually shampoo and condition each piece not while wearing. Get a couple of cheap drying clothespin hangers at a dollar store or Asian grocery, and hang your wet hair. Run a comb or brush through the hair, straight down, once or twice, and let it dry. Maybe give it an extra combing when it’s almost dry.

As far as the quality, it is soft and silky even after washing, and the texture is similar to my $200 Cashmere Hair Remy extensions. This set comes with eight wefts, two of each size. Are they as thick as the $200 extensions? No. Then again, I don’t usually use all seven wefts from my other set. If you really want more volume, you could purchase two sets and it would still be less than half the cost of the $200 set … if you don’t mind having more metal clips in human hair.

The color was pretty much what I was looking for. I got the medium brown/blonde set. The blonde was a tad more bleachy than I would have liked, but no big deal. The brown is a nice, natural hue. I have black asian hair, and I am using these for highlights. They work great for my purposes — but I didn’t really have to deal with color matching.

My one complaint might be that there are some short strands sticking out at the seams where the wefts are joined with the clip, especially on the smallest wefts. But that was a really easy fix.

All in all, the set definitely holds up to the $200 set. I appreciate that the area they cut corners on because, come on, for this price point, something’s gotta give was on the quantity of hair extensions uk, not on the quality of the hair or workmanship.