18inch Balayage Remy Tape in Hair Extensions Color

I bought these hair extensions in the color 2, 6 & 18 in a 14, 16 and 18 inch length to blend in my 12 inch natural hair. I installed them by myself, I eventually dyed them while installed into my hair to a rich violet dark purple color because I found the color was much more ashier than expected blended in my hair.

They turned out great due to the balayage color on them, making the lighter tones a bright violet that meshed with the lighter tones on my actual hair. I ended up trimming about an inch off the 18 inch human hair extensions and blended all of my hair together by trimming a bit. I have had them on my hair since mid April 2018 and it is now mid June 2018.

I haven’t had a single one fall out and the texture of the hair is still holding up well. I think I will be able to use them one more time. Honestly, I think they are better than ZALA tape in extensions, way less frizz than theirs and most than half the price. For reference, I have extremely thick collar bone length hair and got 150 grams, could fit more on my head but 150 is just fine.

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