100% Remy Human Hair 14inch Grade 8A Quality Full Head Dark Brown Clip on Hair Extensions

Fast shipping, the packaging is beautiful, it is obvious the company puts time and care into each individual package, and the human hair is absolutely Gorgeous! I got the 24”220g #2, It is soft, healthy looking, shiny , and 100% human hair.

I wanted to point that out as unfortunatelly there still are lots of companies out there that claim their hair is 100% human when its not. Ther hair is 100% real and you wont be dissapointed. Im not sure what weight other reviewers bought as I read several times that the human hair extensions is thin, but I dont agree with that, at least the 24” length which weighs 220g is very thick and absolutely beautiful.

Not the stitching but The clips themselves are very strong too, and they do not slip. The hair is comfortable to wear, as for being over 200g it does not feel heavy at all. Unfortunately I had to return the dark brown, as the color was slightly lighter than mine, and will be buying a different shade from remy hair (this company). The ladies at customer support are very nice and helpful and easy to communicate with.

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16″ Remy Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair Black for Women

These extensions are super well priced. They match my hair color. They’re easy to put in and for them being so cheap they are pretty nice & durable. I wear these basically everyday. I order new ones every month or two just depending on how unmanageable they get. You can wash and curl these extensions.

They feel just like real hair. When you wash them you need to be aware that you will have to blow dry them one by one which can take some time I wash mine maybe once and then just buy a new pack. 1 pack works pretty okay for me I sometime use a couple pieces of my previous pack just to make it fuller, If you feel you have thicker hair maybe buy 2 packs to be safe.

They stay in really great I wear mine to sleep for a couple of nights and even go swimming in them. When they’re wet they dry like my natural hair so it doesn’t look bad. I 100% Recommend buying these hair extensions I personally am using them to have my hair how I like until it grows back.

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Remy Human Hair Hidden Wire Extensions Secret Fish Line Hair Extensions

After reading countless reviews on different halo type hair extentions, I decided to go with this particular one. My hair is about 29 inches long but very thin. I was looking for something to add volume but not necessarily length. This extention is perfect.

It is thick enough to give me the fullness I needed but not so drastic to where it looks artificial. The color of the light brown, blends in perfectly with my own natural hair color. The human hair is attached so securely, that even when brushing It before and after each use, it hasn’t shed a single hair. Caring for this extention is easy…

I wash and condition it with the same gentle, chemical free shampoo and conditioner I use on my own hair and then, attach it to a clothes hanger by using two large safety pins to air dry. It was a little itchy when I first started wearing it but after a while, I hardly noticed it. I am very happy with this purchase and do highly recommend.

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18inch Balayage Remy Tape in Hair Extensions Color

I bought these hair extensions in the color 2, 6 & 18 in a 14, 16 and 18 inch length to blend in my 12 inch natural hair. I installed them by myself, I eventually dyed them while installed into my hair to a rich violet dark purple color because I found the color was much more ashier than expected blended in my hair.

They turned out great due to the balayage color on them, making the lighter tones a bright violet that meshed with the lighter tones on my actual hair. I ended up trimming about an inch off the 18 inch human hair extensions and blended all of my hair together by trimming a bit. I have had them on my hair since mid April 2018 and it is now mid June 2018.

I haven’t had a single one fall out and the texture of the hair is still holding up well. I think I will be able to use them one more time. Honestly, I think they are better than ZALA tape in extensions, way less frizz than theirs and most than half the price. For reference, I have extremely thick collar bone length hair and got 150 grams, could fit more on my head but 150 is just fine.

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Brazilian Virgin Body Wave Hair Unprocessed Human Hair Weave Extensions

The hair- initially the hair felt a little funny to me and had a slight and I mean very slight smell. I washed the hair a few days later; air dried it and then installed it. I can say that I will purchase this hair again. It has a great texture, it was true to length and its full.

Im no hair expert 1st off but this hair has held up well for me. I’ve had it for about 3weeks now. I made a wig from it and I’ve bleached it twice, toned it and dyed it. And the hair wave isnt so wavey anymore but i mean i did put this hair through some things lol i just curl it a big with a rod and it holds it pretty well. Its still very pretty air dried and still soft. It tangles a little bit but i think thats from the bleach and dye. Same with shedding.

The hair does shed a tad bit, but honestly you can’t sit and expect everything to be perfect when you are searching for cheap quality hair(after all). I cut my wefts and also the chemical process but the shedding for me is minimum. Nothing running your fingers through cant fix if it gets tangled.

The Advantages of Clip on Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions can give an instant transformation to the way you look. They are convenient and can change the length, thickness and colour of your hair. Unlike permanent extensions they can be fitted at home in minutes without the need of an expensive hair stylist. You can also have the freedom of experimenting yourself with different colours and lengths to find the look that you want.

Clip on extensions are non damaging to your hair, unlike the more permanent extensions which require glues and bonds to fix the hair. These chemicals can cause hair to become damaged and to eventually break off. Also, because you do not sleep in your clip on extensions they are less likely to become damaged unlike the permanent ones.

Clip on hair extensions can be used for special occasions rather than all the time and are meant to be temporary. They can be used for occasions like your wedding, a hot date or if you want to shine at your prom. There are so many occasions that they can be used for, the sky is the limit. You can have short hair one day and flowing locks the next. You can also have blonde highlights or use funky colours such as blue, pink or purple. It depends on the occasion and the look you want to achieve.

Compared to permanent extensions, clip on hair extensions work out to be a lot less expensive. The human hair, clip on extensions, can still be expensive but you save a great deal of money by putting the extensions in yourself. Hair stylists charge you to have then put in and then a month later you will need to pay to have them taken out with no guarantee that your hair will not be damaged once they are out.

Straight Wrap Around Ponytail Human Hair Extensions for Women

I have been trying to grow out my hair for quite some time now. I have bought many many many wrap around ponytail-type hair pieces because it was the only thing I could do to feel comfortable if I couldn’t style my hair. But most of them were very expensive and after a short time would look ratty and Just never styled the same so I always had to keep buying new ones. I was completely impressed and amazed when I opened this package. The hair color is perfect for me, the hair is beautiful and soft!! And it is has so much weight to it, I just couldn’t believe the amazing quality!!! I’m excited to see if it will last for a long time vs others I have bought and I’m hoping so. And I’m really excited to see if it styles well, as any other I have bought did not have an option to do that.

Love this product its easy to put on and it dosnt hurt at all!yayy!! Lol and the best is that its real human hair so it really does look natural you can curl it dye even bleach it and it acted like real hair does. Be careful though just like our hair this hair can get damage if you dye or bleach to much, it looks so real. If you are having trouble wearing this my advice would be to get 2 hair ties. Put you on hair in a ponytail and then put this hair on hair ties are sturdy and not to thick were it looks fake.

You can also put bobby pins if you still feel that its lose or if your scared that it could come off. Also when you get your own hair up in a ponytail make sure your hair isnt wet i did that before and it felt reallly weird like if it was gona fall off, hope this helps. Also if your confues with the 100 grams and all that basicly the higher the gram the more hair comes in the ponytail so its really up to you what your preference, full or natural looking.