Remy Human Hair Straight For Full Head 22inch 220g Weight

This is my second time buying these extensions and I do not regret it-I will leave a full review on how they are doing after a month of wear and tear.The first time I bought these I dyed them purple and cut them and they turned out great and just as silky.This time I bought them I just have to tone them because they are a bit yellow and my hair is close to white.I ordered 24″ 220 grams blonde-although they are a bit thin at the ends which is usually expected for long hair extensions the 4 clip big weft clip does the job and good enough for my shoulder length hair to not show through,This is my second favorite extensions on amazon and I’ve worn almost every kind and wear them every day.These extensions also look very natural too since they are thinner at the ends and mine have always come with a complimentary gift of a pair or box of eyelashes too.

Just an update I’ve had these for almost exactly 4 months,I sleep in them every night ,shower with them,swim in them even the ocean-I basically never take them out except to re-position them and when I bleach my roots they are still doing great!Granted they have thinned out a bit but that’s because I wear them like my real hair and do everything with them-I wash them once a week now with purple shampoo and regular conditioner I leave on for 5-10 minutes then ta-da just like new and people always think it’s my real hair and I just got a compliment last week about my hair,I mean I’ve had them for 4 months now and I don’t use any fancy high end products or do anything special,if anything I abuse them and they still look beautiful,the magic is in the product.

Clip in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair for Women – Silky Straight Human Hair Clip in Extensions

I got these extensions to use at my wedding so I could do more things with my hair. They were a perfect match to my colored hair, which was a shock, considering it was in that awful in-between stage of fading dye, roots showing, and different colors mixed with my natural hair color and natural highlights.They both curled and straightened easily.

They also did get frizzy pretty easily, but nothing a little hairspray couldn’t fix! Washing them was a must, as it got stringy and gross after a while. The extensions stayed in my hair very well, you could give them a big tug and they wouldn’t budge! One downside was that you had to tease your hair or wear it up when you had them on, at least in all my experience. They made your hair lumpy if you just wore it down and straight (for someone that had thin hair and little volume). Luckily, this wasn’t an issue for my wedding ‘do. Even the woman doing my hair loved these extensions and wanted to get some for herself!

These are my first extensions ever and I admit that I was scared to purchase extensions online. These ones were extremely easy to clip in and I have tried to curl them- the strand that I tried did not melt or break and held the curl. My hair is dyed black, so I got the jet black ones. The hair is very smooth and soft- feels just like my natural hair (if not better) and I honestly can not tell the difference. I’m thrilled to have long hair whenever I want it.

Clip on Extensions Human Hair Clip ins Real Hair Extensions Off Black

Beautifully made. Fits really well in natural hair without damaging. Hair color wasn’t an exact match but I can remedy that with hair dye.

I wasn’t expecting good quality hair due to the price point, but these exceeded my expectations! They are so easy to put it and that says a lot because I am a novice and I’m not good at doing my hair- all I ever do is straighten it. I bought the dark drown and they were a little lighter than I hoped for- but I used box dye and they match perfectly now and they’re still in perfect shape. It says tangle free but after a few hours of wear they do get a little tangled but so does my regular hair.

This is my first pair of clip ins and I am very happy with them. They match perfectly with my hair color and hold a curl all day with a little bit of hair spray. I’ve washed them once so far, the color bleed a little when I used warm water but it stopped after I switched to ice cold.

Human Hair Extensions Clip in Dirty Blonde Highlights Remy Straight Hair for Fine Hair Full Head

This hair clip extensions really added more volume to my thin dull hair!!I am more Amazing hair extensions!! I am very happy with these. I don’t know why I haven’t bought extensions before. I always thought I needed to get them done at a salon to have a nice quality. These however are perfect they match my hair color, clip in easy, curl/straighten easy! I can’t believe they were so affordable and are very nice. I am hooked now! I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 just because i haven’t had them long enough to know how they will last but so far I am very impressed!confident to put my hair down now with the help of this real hair clio extension.and its made with real hair that even my friends can’t even tell I am wearing a hair extensions!!so easy to clip in hair extensions the size is just right not very obvious and like i said its made from real hair so it feels and look like my hair.

This product is too beautiful, which unfortunately my natural hair is not. I had to return it because my hair is very thick and even more corse! There was no way to make my hair smooth enough to match. It looks very smooth and sleek, if you have soft smooth hair, but just need some length, you won’t be disappointed.

I have never tried hair extensions uk before and always thought you had to pay a fortune for good quality. I am so happy with the quality of these. The color is a perfect match for my hair and you really cannot tell they are extensions. It would have been good if they came with instructions. It may sound silly but I didn’t know how to work the clips until I found some YouTube videos on how to use remy human hair extensions. They worked so much better after I learned that they snap open and close down on your hair! I also wish I could curl them. They don’t seem to hold a curl no matter what I try (curling iron, rollers, etc.).

Human Hair Extensions Clip in Light Brown to Blonde Highlights 16 inch Real Human Hair

I should have known that Remy would come thru again. These were Perfect. I cherish my long hair, wanted a few highlights but didn’t want to run the risk of damaging my hair so I got these. They’re actually the exact color I would have chosen if I’d gotten the chemical highlights. So easy to put in and remove, blend in wonderfully and no lumpy head.

I bought the remy human hair extensions so if I decide to curl my hair I’m not stuck with stick straight extensions I wouldn’t be able to use.

Years ago I’d gotten Very ill and lost almost 50% of my hair and I’d gotten the Remy synthetic hair pony tail. Worked like a wonder for my self esteem while my hair grew back and I wouldn’t leave the house without it. That’s why I cherish every hair on my head now and won’t risk chemicals on it.

The colors are very natural and blend beautifully, nobody will know you’re wear hair extensions uk.

Easy to use, the hair color is true to the pictures an they blend really well. The only con is they are very thin. They would look best with natural hair already long and colored. I have short thicker hair and have to be careful with blending and check often when out. However, they do heat style really well and are easy to wash.

How To Pick The Right Clip In Hair Extensions

Good quality clip in hair extensions will seamlessly blend with your look and make you appear natural – as if they are your own stresses! Only 100% Remy human hair extensions will give you that natural look. There are many clip-in hair extensions available that are made from a mix of real human hair and synthetic hair, which may or may not look realistic when you see them. But, with such quality hair you will not have the ability to treat them as your own bunch of tresses.

Having natural quality clip in hair extensions means that you can use shampoo and conditioner just like you would for your hair. Straighten or curl or even apply color to it as you like. An important aspect of choosing natural clip-in hair extensions is that the hair cuticle remains intact even after its construction. Each hair strand runs exactly in the same direction – the set part or the root at the top and the free end below. Such processes will give you significantly better quality clip-in extensions that gives you value for money.

Even before you set your eyes on affordable clip in hair extensions, choose to consider the overall quality of the hair and the make. The way these extensions are constructed will make a huge difference when you set them on your hair. The ideal combination of quality and the setting will give you your desired look that lasts longer. Your hair is the best accessory that can make or break your appearance. It is the single most important fashion entity that can work wonders to glam up your attire.