Tape in Hair Extensions Dip Dyed Color Dark Brown With Blonde Highlights Hair Extensions

I have been installing hair extensions for over 17 years and have used many kinds and brands. There are many good points to them, but ultimately I had to return them because it wasn’t possible for me to match the blonde at the ends to my real hair and because I change my look so frequently that I need a good that is easier to remove and I need wefts that are a bit lighter and thinner so it doesn’t cause traction alopecia.

Hair extensions are one of those things that are personal where something I like or don’t like might be something you do or don’t. You must be careful with hair extensions because if there isn’t enough hair from your scalp to auppprt the weight of the extension, it will rip your hair out and enough of this will cause it not to grow back. Also, the glue on these now is surgical adhesive which is thick and gooey and doesn’t peel off in strips where it can make removal more difficult and cleaning them to prepare for reuse.

To some people this will be great because they will stay in forever. For me as an extensionist it makes them where I can’t use them. If you’re not experienced you’ll love the things I couldn’t use these for and I see why they did this. The other thing is that the blonde hair parts were extremely shiny and I’m not able to get my natural hair to shine that much to blend. You might love this. Also be extremely cautious because a toning shampoo will destroy these extensions – blonde toning shampoo will turn them silver instantly. Some people will love this too. 🙂