Clip in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair for Women – Silky Straight Human Hair Clip in Extensions

I got these extensions to use at my wedding so I could do more things with my hair. They were a perfect match to my colored hair, which was a shock, considering it was in that awful in-between stage of fading dye, roots showing, and different colors mixed with my natural hair color and natural highlights.They both curled and straightened easily.

They also did get frizzy pretty easily, but nothing a little hairspray couldn’t fix! Washing them was a must, as it got stringy and gross after a while. The extensions stayed in my hair very well, you could give them a big tug and they wouldn’t budge! One downside was that you had to tease your hair or wear it up when you had them on, at least in all my experience. They made your hair lumpy if you just wore it down and straight (for someone that had thin hair and little volume). Luckily, this wasn’t an issue for my wedding ‘do. Even the woman doing my hair loved these extensions and wanted to get some for herself!

These are my first extensions ever and I admit that I was scared to purchase extensions online. These ones were extremely easy to clip in and I have tried to curl them- the strand that I tried did not melt or break and held the curl. My hair is dyed black, so I got the jet black ones. The hair is very smooth and soft- feels just like my natural hair (if not better) and I honestly can not tell the difference. I’m thrilled to have long hair whenever I want it.

The Advantages of Clip on Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions can give an instant transformation to the way you look. They are convenient and can change the length, thickness and colour of your hair. Unlike permanent extensions they can be fitted at home in minutes without the need of an expensive hair stylist. You can also have the freedom of experimenting yourself with different colours and lengths to find the look that you want.

Clip on extensions are non damaging to your hair, unlike the more permanent extensions which require glues and bonds to fix the hair. These chemicals can cause hair to become damaged and to eventually break off. Also, because you do not sleep in your clip on extensions they are less likely to become damaged unlike the permanent ones.

Clip on hair extensions can be used for special occasions rather than all the time and are meant to be temporary. They can be used for occasions like your wedding, a hot date or if you want to shine at your prom. There are so many occasions that they can be used for, the sky is the limit. You can have short hair one day and flowing locks the next. You can also have blonde highlights or use funky colours such as blue, pink or purple. It depends on the occasion and the look you want to achieve.

Compared to permanent extensions, clip on hair extensions work out to be a lot less expensive. The human hair, clip on extensions, can still be expensive but you save a great deal of money by putting the extensions in yourself. Hair stylists charge you to have then put in and then a month later you will need to pay to have them taken out with no guarantee that your hair will not be damaged once they are out.

Straight Wrap Around Ponytail Human Hair Extensions for Women

I have been trying to grow out my hair for quite some time now. I have bought many many many wrap around ponytail-type hair pieces because it was the only thing I could do to feel comfortable if I couldn’t style my hair. But most of them were very expensive and after a short time would look ratty and Just never styled the same so I always had to keep buying new ones. I was completely impressed and amazed when I opened this package. The hair color is perfect for me, the hair is beautiful and soft!! And it is has so much weight to it, I just couldn’t believe the amazing quality!!! I’m excited to see if it will last for a long time vs others I have bought and I’m hoping so. And I’m really excited to see if it styles well, as any other I have bought did not have an option to do that.

Love this product its easy to put on and it dosnt hurt at all!yayy!! Lol and the best is that its real human hair so it really does look natural you can curl it dye even bleach it and it acted like real hair does. Be careful though just like our hair this hair can get damage if you dye or bleach to much, it looks so real. If you are having trouble wearing this my advice would be to get 2 hair ties. Put you on hair in a ponytail and then put this hair on hair ties are sturdy and not to thick were it looks fake.

You can also put bobby pins if you still feel that its lose or if your scared that it could come off. Also when you get your own hair up in a ponytail make sure your hair isnt wet i did that before and it felt reallly weird like if it was gona fall off, hope this helps. Also if your confues with the 100 grams and all that basicly the higher the gram the more hair comes in the ponytail so its really up to you what your preference, full or natural looking.

Clip on Extensions Human Hair Clip ins Real Hair Extensions Off Black

Beautifully made. Fits really well in natural hair without damaging. Hair color wasn’t an exact match but I can remedy that with hair dye.

I wasn’t expecting good quality hair due to the price point, but these exceeded my expectations! They are so easy to put it and that says a lot because I am a novice and I’m not good at doing my hair- all I ever do is straighten it. I bought the dark drown and they were a little lighter than I hoped for- but I used box dye and they match perfectly now and they’re still in perfect shape. It says tangle free but after a few hours of wear they do get a little tangled but so does my regular hair.

This is my first pair of clip ins and I am very happy with them. They match perfectly with my hair color and hold a curl all day with a little bit of hair spray. I’ve washed them once so far, the color bleed a little when I used warm water but it stopped after I switched to ice cold.

Hair Piece Ponytail Extension Straight Light Curled Nature Looking Heat-Resisting Different Colors

LOVE this ponytail. I got compliments all week long on my vacation on how beautiful “my” hair is. This hair piece is long, full, and beautiful and the blonde is a very realistic color that matches mine well. I have a short a-line bob and with this baby and a headband I was able to put my hair up at the beach all week. Lasted in the sun and even through snorkeling in salt water.


I have to say that this is a really nice inexpensive hairpiece. It attaches with a large clamp hidden behind the cascade of hair. You simply grasp the the ponytail at the top and squeeze to open the clamp, set in place and let go. Once attached, it stays in place, quite secure. You don’t need extra pins.


That said the hardest part is matching. This works because it is like real hair and has a lot of different colors mixed together. My tip to get your best match is this- put your hair up as if you are going to attach the hairpiece. Then match to the hair you see at the back of your head. This is what your hairpiece needs to match to look real, not the hair at the top of your head!

Long Straight Wig Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig High Density Full Wigs for Women

The texture of this hair is lovely. It feels very silky and soft but not horribly plasticy like some cheap wigs. It also has a very natural sheen to it, even in flash. The wig is thick enough that you don’t really have to worry about tracks showing in the back. It does shed a bit, but it’s so thick that I don’t mind. It has no combs, but it does have adjustable straps.

For the price I really do think it’s a good quality wig I haven’t hadn’t much shedding and this is my first wig ever! The part isn’t horrible I’m still trying to learn little tips and tricks to be able to blend it in more but other than that the hair is super soft doesn’t tangle! I got mine in ash blonde and the color is beautiful!! I definitely think it’s worth it and I would buy it again. It’s good for first time wig and be able to practice

It’s now my new favorite wig. It looks completely real. Right out the box I was impressed. I haven’t even needed to style and alter it by cutting. It’s perfect as is. It sheds because it’s synthetic so that’s normal. It’s a ton of hair though so that doesn’t matter. It’s gorgeous. The roots to tip look real. The hairline is fine. It’s not like a lace wig but for the price you can’t beat it. This will be my go-to wig from now on. I LOVE IT.

Five Key Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

Instant and Easy

Clip in hair extensions are the fastest and most effective way to add length to your hair. Unlike bonded hair extensions uk which involve using specialist glue and technical equipment, clip in extensions can be expertly added within minutes. Quality is so exceptional that no difference is detectable – provided of course they are matched in the initial appointment by a colour expert.

Multi wefts Add Length AND Volume

Good quality clip in extensions come in ‘wefts’ – these are strips of hair that can be added from the base of the neck up to the crown. This means that not only does the wearer benefit from added length, but volume throughout is increased.

Offer A ‘No Risk’ Option

Clip in extensions are a great way to instantly create bigger and better hair without cutting, colouring or chemically altering your natural hair. If the ‘wefts’ are added and removed with care, then you benefit from versatile styling – not to mention an incredible, almost unlimited choice of colour options – with no permanent change to the appearance of your natural hair. Many female wearers these days now cite clip in hair extensions as their favourite ‘hair replacement’ option precisely because of the choice of lengths and different colours available.

Follicle Friendly

Hair extensions are generally available in two options: temporary ‘clip-in’ as strips of hair “weft” or, permanent ‘bonded’ extensions in tiny strands. The latter option involves special glue and, or heated bonding equipment to fix the extension to natural hair. This means that there is inevitably extra strain on the hair follicle, particularly as bonded extensions are fixed in place 24 hours a day. In contrast, clip in extensions are fitted with small and many clips that evenly ‘grasp’ the hair across the head. Furthermore, clip in extensions are easily removed before bed which means that there is no strain on natural hair overnight and can be worn for just weekends or special occasions.


Many female clients with hair thinning problems do not always want to wear their hair extensions but like to have them ‘on hand’ in case the occasion arises. Thankfully, clip in extensions are portable and incredibly easy to apply – which means they are the perfect accessory to help make the transition from ‘day’ to ‘night’. They are also perfectly suitable for taking on vacation as you will never be far away from a salon capable of fitting them for you.

Human Hair Extensions Clip in Dirty Blonde Highlights Remy Straight Hair for Fine Hair Full Head

This hair clip extensions really added more volume to my thin dull hair!!I am more Amazing hair extensions!! I am very happy with these. I don’t know why I haven’t bought extensions before. I always thought I needed to get them done at a salon to have a nice quality. These however are perfect they match my hair color, clip in easy, curl/straighten easy! I can’t believe they were so affordable and are very nice. I am hooked now! I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 just because i haven’t had them long enough to know how they will last but so far I am very impressed!confident to put my hair down now with the help of this real hair clio extension.and its made with real hair that even my friends can’t even tell I am wearing a hair extensions!!so easy to clip in hair extensions the size is just right not very obvious and like i said its made from real hair so it feels and look like my hair.

This product is too beautiful, which unfortunately my natural hair is not. I had to return it because my hair is very thick and even more corse! There was no way to make my hair smooth enough to match. It looks very smooth and sleek, if you have soft smooth hair, but just need some length, you won’t be disappointed.

I have never tried hair extensions uk before and always thought you had to pay a fortune for good quality. I am so happy with the quality of these. The color is a perfect match for my hair and you really cannot tell they are extensions. It would have been good if they came with instructions. It may sound silly but I didn’t know how to work the clips until I found some YouTube videos on how to use remy human hair extensions. They worked so much better after I learned that they snap open and close down on your hair! I also wish I could curl them. They don’t seem to hold a curl no matter what I try (curling iron, rollers, etc.).

100% Brand New & 100% High Temperature Fiber, 24 Inch/60cm Charming Synthetic Fiber Long Wavy Hair Wig Women’s Party Full Wig

I’m a fledgli’m a fledgling beauty blogger, and I sometimes wear wigs to accomplish different looks, as well as in my daily life.I received so many compliments on this wig!! It was way nicer than expected and really great quality. Many people thought it was real hair! I’ve wore it to several halloween parties and it’s held up fairly well. No shedding, stayed glossy.
The wig fibers are very soft and feel almost like the real thing and I don’t detect any funky smells or anything of that nature. I love it I feel like a princess or a mermaid.

Human Hair Extensions Clip in Light Brown to Blonde Highlights 16 inch Real Human Hair

I should have known that Remy would come thru again. These were Perfect. I cherish my long hair, wanted a few highlights but didn’t want to run the risk of damaging my hair so I got these. They’re actually the exact color I would have chosen if I’d gotten the chemical highlights. So easy to put in and remove, blend in wonderfully and no lumpy head.

I bought the remy human hair extensions so if I decide to curl my hair I’m not stuck with stick straight extensions I wouldn’t be able to use.

Years ago I’d gotten Very ill and lost almost 50% of my hair and I’d gotten the Remy synthetic hair pony tail. Worked like a wonder for my self esteem while my hair grew back and I wouldn’t leave the house without it. That’s why I cherish every hair on my head now and won’t risk chemicals on it.

The colors are very natural and blend beautifully, nobody will know you’re wear hair extensions uk.

Easy to use, the hair color is true to the pictures an they blend really well. The only con is they are very thin. They would look best with natural hair already long and colored. I have short thicker hair and have to be careful with blending and check often when out. However, they do heat style really well and are easy to wash.